robert bose
black rock city, nv
august 2013

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“Art can be a lens, allowing us to see better. This is the case - An out-of-balance yin-yang by French illustrator David Revoy”

Gahhhh, this is so prophetic. 
Are Interactive Toys Interfering With Child Development?


Are Interactive Toys Interfering With Child Development?

It’s common to find a child talking to his Lego figures or Barbie dolls, but it’d probably knock your socks off if those toys talked back.

Well, find some tighter footwear, because interactive toys are popping up faster than you can say “Polly Pocket.” The Winston Show, for example, is an interactive program for iOSin which the characters hold detailed conversations with the viewers. FooPets are…

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Global deforestation is really bad that we have to use Google to prevent it now.

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-whispers into the wind- if you’re trans that’s great

if you’re cis that’s great

if you’re african-american that’s great

if you’re caucasian that’s great

if you’re any of these and you hate on the opposite then you’re a piece of shit

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